Who We Are

The Ethos Story:

Born out of passion for beautiful and fast machinery, Ethos began from the desire to bring supercar ownership to an level affordable by people outside of the 1%. Legendary sports cars like the McLaren F1, Ferrari F40, and Pagani Zonda are machines we all commonly lust after, but with price tags from high six figures, into the millions of dollars, how many people can actually afford them? Ethos will offer vehicles that evoke the same emotion that the high dollar exotics can, but within the reach of a typical hardworking individual.
The people that make up the Ethos team all share the same passion for cars, we are committed to spending our blood, sweat, and tears creating something beautiful, powerful, and special. Staying small and agile, Ethos will be positioned to constantly evolve and improve to give our community the best possible product we can. Working with our customers we can refine and develop our product and offer ways for people to become involved in the project.
Ethos also has a commitment to the environment and our community. We look to always have a positive impact on the world, from reducing our waste, an aggressive recycling program, and using only suppliers from North America help reduce our global environmental impact, and help our local and national economy.

Carl Jarrett – Owner

Ethos is my lifelong dream to focus my energy to create something spectacular. Something I would lust after, something other people might aspire to build and own as well, but beyond just that, to create an everlasting entity, where myself and others could achieve their dreams, and spend their working lives doing what they love.
Like many car nuts, I drew nothing but cars as a kid, Porsche 911, Lamborghini Countach, Lamborghini LM002, although I drew them to my own specifications, always customized, added-to, and improved.
I began to tinker with RC cars and anything mechanical I could get my hands on at home. I’d take a gearbox from one RC car and suspension from another, combine it with the body from another car and prototype my own creation. Some didn’t work out, some worked out better than expected. A hacksaw, a Black & Decker single speed drill from my dad, and some cheap leftover drill bits were nearly all the tools I needed.
In school my interest in computers and design began, I saw 3d models of cars on commercials, designed by the big companies like Ford and GM, so I taught myself AutoCAD on one of the computers at school. AutoCAD at the time was just starting to offer 3D solid modeling as one of its tools, and Rhino 3D also came along around then of which I joined the Beta test for a couple of years until it finally released.
With some CAD and 3D design tools under my belt, in high school a small group of my classmates and I designed, built, and raced a single seat electric car in a national competition. Our first attempt was a tubular steel space-frame with an aluminum paneled body. The overall design worked, but the steel construction was too heavy, and the drivetrain wouldn’t hold together. On our second attempt we came back with an evolution of the previous years car. We started off with an all new aluminum space-frame, tediously TIG welded, and our fiberglass F1 style bodywork. The combination of the lighter space-frame and body shell gave us a car nearly 1/3rd the weight of our previous racecar. Early tests showed great speed promise, but it was not meant to be. Again we were plagued by drivetrain reliability. A belt drive should have been solution, but running on a tight budget it just wasn’t in the cards.
I continued to work at my CAD and design skills in Rhino and AutoCAD, and after high school I worked for an electronic hardware company drawing and designing wire harnesses and electrical enclosures. After my experience in the automotive and marine electrical world, I focused my energy on different pursuits. I attended art school which helped me begin a career in video games. I spent 10 years on Need for Speed, including a couple of years contributing to Speedhunters.
Throughout my years in art and design, the itch to tinker and create, never went away. Customizing and building a few cars along the way, including another component car, it still wasn’t enough.

Tanya Jarrett – Strategy & Management

With an MBa and years of management experience, combined with her love for beautiful automobiles, Tanya will help position Ethos to deliver the best possible product efficiently and effectively.

Born and raised in North Vancouver