More Progress On The Exterior Design


Progress continues on the exterior design of the TL1. There are a few areas I’m pretty happy with so far. The overall proportions are getting closer as well. There is definitely a McLaren vibe happening, which is mostly intentional. The goal for the car was to be a ‘pretty’ design yet still have many modern touches and purposeful aerodynamic elements.


The headlight graphic has gone through a number of iterations. It’s tough to get something that looks correct, but different enough from other brands that the shape and graphic is distinctly our own. This is especially important at night when you see the car from a distance. I really want it to feel exotic, even at night from a distance.

The shape here is probably most similar to a Ferrari 458 but the details inside will make it distinctly different. The outside curvature matches nicely with the outer curve of the front wings.


The rear has really taken shape over the last few iterations as well. I love the exposed look of the rear of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, which the P1 also took inspiration from. A peek into the innards of a beautifully designed chassis will always evoke some intrigue in my opinion. Hints of the tubular headers, the chassis structure, maybe even a nicely designed intake system.


The greenhouse still needs a fair bit of detail and finishing work. I’ve spent most of the time integrating the shape and size of the NSX windshield and side windows.

The front and side windows will be both DOT approved in North America (and I assume in most other countries the NSX was ever sold in). The rear side windows, and the rear hatch window will both be done in Lexan. Light weight, and keeps costs down as I won’t need custom glass work to be done which can be really expensive. Think 4-5k for a single windshield.


The splitter needs to be re-done up front. This shape is strictly placeholder to help define the proportions. The intakes on left and right will split into oil cooler/brake cooling ducts, and a central duct will push air up through the hood and over the windscreen.

The swooping line that starts in front of the front wheel continues to the side and up through to the rear wheel which helps create a nice dynamic of direction, where a lot of the lines converge towards the front of the car.

You can also see the air exhausts just ahead of the front wheel which will help direct air around the front wheels as well as exhaust the hot air from the oil coolers.


The floating vanes behind the front wheels will help reduce pressure from the front wheel wells as well as re-direct air towards the rear ducts that have yet to be designed. The side is still very much under construction. I’m happy with how the vanes turned out but will have to do some testing to see how well the help re-direct the turbulent air from the wake of the front wheels.

You can also see a hint of a lip on the rear most edge of the engine lid/deck. I am hoping to be able to develop meaningful down force without having either a hidden/retractable spoiler or any sort of wing, until we go racing that is. The initial goal is to at least be neutral and not produce any lift and we can refine the details of the design and work towards some down force at speed.


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