Initial Chassis Concepting


So I’ve been toying around with a few ideas for the design of the main tub of the chassis. I am definitely set on the seating position, but the construction is still fairly open. I’ve been very curious about how well an aluminum tub made out of 6063 extrusions would perform, so I’ve been doing some FEA testing on a basic concept for such a chassis. It assumes the extrusions, floor, and bulkheads are welded, most likely not fully seam welded, but 4-6″ weld runs.


I’ve found some values of a few high-end composite tubbed cars achieve in stiffness, the Lamborghini Aventador being one. The Aventador uses a carbon main tub with cromoly steel subframes and integrated roll cage. The Lambo chassis see’s 1 degree of rotation from 34,000 nm of torque.


This chassis currently sees 6 degrees of deflection from the same amount of torque. Certainly have my work cut out, but some interesting ways to try to achieve this. Also to note, my chassis currently has no roof structure which will add considerably to the overall stiffness.

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