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By July 31, 2014Aerodynamics, Design


Decided to spend a little time cleaning up the side mirror shape. Looking to achieve a classic shape that will be easy to manufacture. Took some inspiration from the Pagani Huayra as well as the La Ferrari and 599XX cars. I love the extension that brings the mirror into a useful space.


The base plates and the mirror itself will be fairly easy to make a mold of, but the stanchions will be tougher to do. I could do it with a carbon fiber sock and a CNC foam insert of some sort.


Either that, or an inflatable inner bladder, and a 2 piece mold for the outside of the shape.


I also spent a bunch of time trying to get the carbon fiber shader to work in my rendering package. It was tough to achieve the 2 layered look with the base carbon fiber anisotropic shader, with the top clear coat over it. I did manage to figure out how to achieve a pretty decent result, though I think it will be even harder to get the matte clear coat to work properly, or a dry carbon look.

– Carl


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  • Hamad says:


    the side mirror La Ferrari and 599XX shape can be fit on the Ferrari 599GTB, if yes, can you advise how much it cost? and can you ship this to Dubai?




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