Design Refinement & Improvement

By October 2, 2015Aerodynamics, Design


Updates have been sparse to say the least. A lot of work, fine tuning, evolution of the design of both the body work and the chassis over the months, and plenty more work still to do. Everything is concurrently being designed for ease of manufacturing and aesthetic appeal.



The addition of intake ducts just ahead of the rear wheel will give the ability to duct air to both the brakes and the engine intake depending on what drivetrain is chosen.




There is a clear line from the oil cooler ducts running past the front wheel, while the vent behind the front wheel reduces pressure build up in the wheel well area, and helps direct more air down the side of the car.




Brake ducts and oil cooler ducts have been cleaned up. Depending on drivetrain choice, you could run with dual oil coolers (11.5″ x 6″), or with a transmission/other cooler on one side with an oil cooler on the other. Radiator is a 31″ x 16″ aluminum unit easily sourced in various grades. Ranging from a 2″ street version to a 3″ race version, cooling can be tailored to specific needs.

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