Chassis Updates – Cage/Seats/Ducting


Have been alternating between working on the chassis design, cleaning up the bodywork and getting it closer to production ready (still a lot of work to do), and the 5-axis machine design.

I’ve re-designed the passenger seats to be a similar design to the driver seat. I felt the seats as they were done in sheet metal with the intention of adding foam padding for comfort were too much of a compromise. The additional cost of an extra plug, mould, and layup for the passenger seats will add some more, but I think very worthwhile in the long run. Will add comfort and make the interior more habitable.

The car is intended to be a raw and visceral experience, so having the seats directly mounted to the chassis will definitely add to the feel.


I’ve also managed to utilize an exact duplicate of the seat left and right which was somewhat challenging to fit within the ergonomics of taller passengers. Having the same mould for both left/right will help keep costs down considerably. The seats are very similar in seating position to the drivers but slightly narrower, giving the majority of the flex room for drivers of all different sizes.


The rest of the chassis is coming along as well. Suspension  pick-up points are going through a slight re-design. Mostly to make sure the mounting points are both solid, and easily placed for welding.

Roll cage has also gone through a minor adjustment, mostly to accommodate the door openings and ingress/egress. Getting to the central driving position will be a bit of a challenge no matter what, so creating more room to lower yourself into that seat is very important.


Front brake ducting is getting there. They are routed through an integral portion of the subframe which will also act as the mount for the splitter, and oil coolers. Ideally this will all be on clip that is removable on its own.


Radiator ducting in place with some testing to do. Currently it would be ducted up through some hood exhaust vents, but will be altered to duct out just ahead of the windshield. The radiator is a standard off the shelf unit that supports up to 800hp, also relatively inexpensive.


Much more coming in the next few months including the first phase of construction of the first prototype chassis. Thanks for tuning in, and feel free to leave comments if you have any thoughts or interest in the project.



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